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Last Updated 01/20/02

Garments for Ladies

These antique garments are in our private collection.

Sorry, they are not for sale!






This is a wrapper, completely hand-sewn,  made in the early 1850’s.   The calico button pattern relates to the pattern in the printed cotton.  The actual pattern color on the button is brown.




This work dress has been dated to the late 1850’s.   The calico buttons are printed with a lined grid pattern.  The color is a surprising teal blue!  We do offer a sewing pattern for this dress – see our Patterns page.





This dress is actually a very 1860’s purple, slightly faded.  The calico buttons are a blue pattern which does not relate to the printed cotton pattern of the dress.  There is a button on each cuff.  The bodice lining closes with hook & eyes, the dress front buttons closed over the lining.





This is a casual dress, late 1860’s, also referred to as a wrapper.  These china buttons are sometimes confused

with calico buttons, but they do not have a printed pattern.

They have a hand-painted ring around the outer edge, and are known to collectors as ‘ringers’.





This bodice from the early 1860’s has china buttons painted like ringers, but their profile is the ‘inkwell’   shape.







For more information about the shapes and types of china  buttons, see our links!