About Keepsake Photography
  • Keepsake Photography has been shooting weddings for 23 years.  We know that you want quality, reasonable rates and great service.  We have it all!
  • It's your day so we want what you want.  We are flexible and do not mind if you change you mind or want to do something spur of the moment.  We are very easy to work with.

  • We do not charge by the hour.  We are yours for the day.  This means less stress for you and more time to enjoy your family and friends.

  • We do not put the bride and groom together for photographs until God brings them together during the ceremony, unless you want to be photographed together before the ceremony.

  • We are fast.  We arrive around two hours before the wedding and shoot as much of the formal photographs before hand as we can so that after the ceremony we can concentrate on the two of you and be finished in a half hour to forty minutes.

  • We all go to the reception where you concentrate on enjoying yourselves and ignore us.  We will be taking pictures of everyone having fun.  This is important. We know how to shoot candids.

  • We always cover the bases.  You don't even have to mention that you want pictures of the two of you with your parents, or that you want a photo of the cake, food, toast, first dance, dancing with parents, cutting of the cake, bouquet toss and garter toss.  We will automatically do all of these.  If you do not want something tell us.  For example; some people do not want a picture of their hands.

  • We have a plan.  Before the wedding the men are shot first, then the women, the ceremony, the bridal party, bride's family, groom's family, bride and groom and finally the reception.

  • We are great at impromptu photography.  So if you want to have fun and not have as much formal photographs we can do a very good job at this.

  • Our photographer Beverly Hutchman is an award winning photographer with 26 years experience. She has an excellent reputation and is easy to work with.

Thank you for considering Keepsake Photography