Includes 150-4x6 photographs/proofs that you keep. Plus 8-5x7's & your choice of 1-11x14 or 2-8x7's.

Includes a handmade engraved leather album with metal tipped pages SEE . Plus 6-8x10's, 6-5x7's, 40-4x6's and an 11x14 portrait. You also receive the proof book with 200-4x6's.
Includes the handmade leather, metal tipped album, 10-8x10's, 8-5x7's and 40-4x6's in your album. Also, 2-8x10's and an 11x14 portrait and two proof albums.This package includes a professional drawing SEE SAMPLE of the photograph of your choice (up to two people).

  • Long distance travel is 25 cents/mile per round trip.    
  • All weddings include a free 4x6 engagement photograph for you to put in the newspaper.
  • Prices are subject to California sales tax.

  • Additional proof books available for $150.
  • There is no hourly time limit set on weddings. We arrive 1 1/2 hours early for your peace of mind.
  • 1/3 payment due to hold your date;
    1/3 payment before the wedding;
    Balance due when you receive your book.

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